Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swimbaits Win Again!

Skeet Reese dominated the Bassmaster Series event on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, winning by nearly 15 pounds!
He was fishing with the hottest style of baits to hit the scene in a long time, the realistic and fun swimbait. These baits are very versatile and have become a "go to" bait for many anglers.
There are many swimbaits available on the market today such as the Spro BBZ1 Shad, the Strike King Sexy Swimmer and Yum Money Minnow. All of these and many others are extremely important to have in your tackle arsenal.
The larger sizes of swimbaits (6" and up) are a must if you are going after monster size largemouth bass. All of them are great and the soft plastic style are great because they can be rigged to be weedless and fished in heavy cover where the lunkers like to hide. Be sure to get yourself a few of these great baits and try them out. You'll be glad you did, and the bass will fear you!

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