Monday, May 24, 2010

More Tips...

Many of us "small time" anglers don't have the resources for big bass boats and fancy electronic gear to get us to the best spots. There are many ways to find quality bass even without some of those cool toys.
There are many smaller depth finders that will enable the average angler to locate deeper water for those cold water deep bass. Even with no gear, there are many things that we can look for to find those elusive lunker bass.
A great place to start is always a dock or pier, since bass don't have eyelids, they need to seek out shady spots. Any natural cover under overhanging bushes and trees is a great place to cast. Laydown logs and trees, stumps, lilly pads, grass or even drain pipes are great places for bass to seek shelter. A well placed cast with a spinnerbait or crankbait will draw out bass looking for an easy meal. So don't let a lack of money stop you, just go out there and have fun.

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