Monday, May 17, 2010

Bass Getting Aggressive!

Now is the time of year when the water is getting warm and the bass are getting more active and aggressive. These bass are looking for a meal and now is a fun time to go fishing for these bass.
It's a great time to tie a crankbait on your line and get these hungry largemouth and smallmouth bass to come out for dinner!
There are many great lures out there like the SPRO BBZ1 shad, Strike King Sexy Swimmer, Strike King Red Eye Shad and just about any other hard crankbait out there will work. These baits are fun to fish and the bass will absolutely crush them!
These baits come in many colors and depth ranges. I really enjoy the challenge of finding out which works best. A shallow diver or lipless crankbait is a great place to start casting into likely bass haunts. Just hang on because these spring bass will attack these baits!

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