Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Trout in West Virginia!

My family and I went to visit some family in West Virginia for New Year's eve and I got the chance on January 1 to start the new year right!  I managed to slip in some rod and reel time in the small lake in the neighborhood we were visiting.
I ended up choosing to fish with a drop shot rig using a small number 2 fishing hook, a 3/8 oz sinker and a small green finesse style worm.  The weather was COLD for me, about 35 degrees and breezy.  I managed to get 3 bites and landed two nice rainbow trout, the largest being about 17" long!
All in a great trip spending time with family and a little fishing to start 2016!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A look back at some killer spring bass fishing!

 It's been quite some time since I updated the old blog.  So I found some pictures on the iphone from back in April of a couple trips my brother in law and I took to a local lake.  We landed a bunch of really nice bass using swimbaits and shallow running crankbait lures.  We caught a number of 5-6 pound largemouth bass and had a couple days when we caught a dozen or more each!  We fished out of my "new" 14' Basstracker Topper jon boat, I will be adding some pictures of my boat and document changes and upgrades I make and future plans.  It is a great fishing platform and should serve me well for years to come!  Get out there and wet a line!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shallow and mid-depth crankbaits are a killer tool in the fall.

If the conditions line up well, you can certainly catch big fall bass by deep cranking creek ledges throughout the fall. A more consistent pattern, however, comes from utilizing shallow squarebills and mid-depth crankbaits.

    Target shallow flats—You should primarily target the 3 to 6-foot range and focus on shallow flats very close to creek channels. These flats are natural stopping
    Quick Tip: A straight retrieve will certainly catch crankbait fish, but an erratic retrieve will result in more bites. Try a stop-and-go approach and try to collide your crankbait into any available cover. Small irregularities in its swimming action will create a lot of reaction strikes.
    Water clarity matters—In dirty water, bass will get dirt-shallow and hold close to stumps and laydowns. For moderately clear water, I have more success on the Chikara 200 Series, which targets the 4 to 6-foot depth range.   
Cover water quickly—A good trick for fall fishing is putting the trolling motor on high and keep moving until you find something worth making multiple casts to fish are going to be in groups, so it’s important to move quickly until you find a school of active fish. The quicker you eliminate dead water, the faster you can get on a big sack of fish.   
Magic water temperature—You can catch hundreds of bass on these crankbaits throughout the fall, but your biggest fish will move shallow when the water temperature gets into the 50-degree range.
    Keep changing it up— Shad patterns kick ass in the fall, but the bass can get very peculiar when they school. If you’re getting short strikes, it’s probably not a color issue. More than likely, they want a different action. Make sure you keep switching between wide wobbling and flat-sided crankbaits for the best results because every school you find will be different.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Must have fishing gear...

It all starts here, with the rod and reel.  The spinning reel is, in my opinion an absolute must.  They can be used with any type of lure and are easy to use and maintain.  When you are using small lures such as light jig heads and weightless worms, this is the one to have.
I am a huge fan of Shimano reels, they have a wide selection and a variety of prices.  Abu Garcia is another great reel manufacturer and you really can't go wrong with either of these.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Time to Turn On some Crappies!

Now is a killer time if you love crappie fishing. The water is warming up and these fish are getting hungry after a long, cold winter. It's also spawning season ( give or take depending on your location) and crappie are ready to rock!
As the water gets up above 60 degrees they become more active and hungry and will chase a wider variety of lures. I love small crankbaits, in- line spinners, beetlespins, and jig/ bobber combos. Be sure to have a variety of colors for your jig trailers so you can find what the crappie want.
Now get out there and catch some slabs!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finally an upgrade to the Plastic Navy!

Well I finally broke open the piggy bank and upgraded to a Nucanoe Frontier 10.  I have only had her out one time, but I am in love with this craft!  It has the best stability I have seen in any kayak, I was able to stand up and cast with no problem.  The raised seat is extremely comfortable and was very easy on my bad back, the ability to stand and cast is also a welcome relief for weary backs and knees after hours on the water.  I can't recommend this kayak enough, if you get the chance to try one I know you will love it too.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Support Chris Kyle's Family

We have lost a true American hero.  Chris Kyle was tragically killed while trying to help a troubled veteran.  Chris was the most decorated sniper in US history and saved countless American lives as a Navy SEAL sniper.  He gave all the proceeds from his book "American Sniper" to charity and spent so much of his own time and energy helping our veterans.
He is survived by his wife and 2 young children.  Please do what you can to help his family by donating HERE.  Mercury 1 and Glenn Beck have set up a fund to go to his family.  Also be sure to keep the Kyle family and all our veterans home and abroad in your thoughts and prayers... Thank you for your service and Rest In Peace Chris Kyle!