Sunday, July 3, 2011

Topwater Action...

My last post shows my biggest bass to date.  I caught her on a topwater lure cast over a transition point from shallow to deep water.  I love catching bass on topwater lures, poppers, frogs, wakebaits are all a blast to catch with.  Even small fish are fun to catch, just seeing them blast the surface and swallow a topwater lure gets my heart racing.  I like to cast them near stumps, rocks, weeds, or any structure in the water.  I let the lure sit there for a few seconds before reeling, then work it back to me with an erratic retrieve.  Keep in mind how most frogs or bugs move in short jerks and twitches, you need to imitate the bass' natural prey.


  1. Check my Blog - a tribute to Grandpa... my first memory of him was taking Terry and me fishing!.. I think we caught some tiny sun-fish. Happy 4th! Luv, Dad

  2. Thanks for the top water tips. I need to get out and try foolin some bass. Tight Lines!