Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Old Bass!

I finally got a chance to go fishing for the first time in a month and it was awesome!  My brother in law and I hit a couple small ponds near his house.  The first hour and a half was slow for me, with only a 2 pounder boated while my bro in law was slaying the crappies and had caught about 7 or so.  We decided to walk down to the other pond and fish off the bank for a bit, and I'm glad we did!  I caught 3 more bass, the last of which was this sweetheart shown here.  I caught her on a topwater lure as dusk approached.  She inhaled it about 40 feet from the bank and put up an epic struggle as I held my breath!  I didn't have my scales with me and we could only estimate her at close to 8 pounds!  Keep in mind I am 5'10" and 205 pounds myself, so she was a really nice bass!  I released her and I hope to get another shot at her- next time I will have my scales in my pocket!


  1. He Boy, Don't hurt yourself hauling that monster fish around. She is a beauty. I have never caught a fish like that in my brief fishing career.
    love, Dad

  2. Oh man are those some beauty Bass. Jealous :) Those pics say it all. EPIC, no doubt. Great Fish. Tight LInes.