Friday, January 28, 2011

Invasive Species

I have read several articles and seen some fishing shows lately that gave information about invasive species.  These can be everything from the "snakehead" fish as shown in the picture, to a range of parasites.  These are species that are not native to our waters and can wreak havoc on our native fish populations.
These invasive creatures can be spread on purpose by people putting fish into their local waters or accidentally by not cleaning their boats, boots, or waders and transferring them from one body of water to another.
Another issue has been the spread of non-native aquatic plants.  These plants can get into our lakes and rivers and choke out the native plants, having a negative impact on these waters.  I know people don't think about these things, but we need to change our thinking to preserve our beloved bass, muskie and other North American fish species for future generations.
"If it's good for the fish, it's good for the angler!"

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  1. U are ver right people dont usually think about this stuff.