Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I have stated in other posts, now is a great time for some big 'ol lunker bass!  Not everyone is cut out for this kind of hardcore cold weather fishing, but if you can take it, it could pay off with a trophy!
The best way to handle things this time of year is to watch the weather.  If you can get out after a 3 day or more warming spell, the bass may be slightly more active.  Some will move up shallower and can be caught near underwater structure.
A great bait for winter fishing is a jig with a crawfish trailer. These can be cast near cover and structure and dragged or slowly hopped along the bottom.  Bass and their prey are pretty sluggish at this time of year, so go slow.  If you can find a place where the water transitions from deeper to shallower, you should do well.  Any bass in the area will hang out in areas where they have easy access to both deep and shallow water.  So if you are a hardy type, get out there and land that lunker!

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  1. I really like fishing the jig, the key in the winter is to be able to detect the hit, usually like a dead leaf hanging on the lure. I am joining your group and hope you will join up with my group as well. Thanks for sharing.