Monday, June 21, 2010

Lipless Crankbaits Rock!

June is also a great time for using lipless crankbaits. Baits like the Rat-L-Trap, Strike King Red Eye Shad and Lucky Craft Real Vib will really drive bass into a frenzy!
They are great for quickly searching unknown waters for where the bass are hiding. They are great for this because you can just cast and crank 'em fast, burn them through the water. They will run thru grass, bounce off logs and rocks and really attract bass with the strong flash and vibration that these baits generate.
Many anglers use these in a similar fashion as a spinnerbait when in search mode, and they can be fished at different depths a lot like spinnerbaits. Be sure to give these awesome lures a try right now, I like these as well as spinnerbaits and jigs as great early summer baits.

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