Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spinnerbaits revisited...

I would like to continue my discussion about the great spinnerbait. I already mentioned how great these baits are for catching largemouth bass, this is because of their great versatility. I would suggest fishing these using a baitcasting reel, which have a faster retrieve than other reels.
Using a baitcaster you can burn your spinnerbaits up near the surface of the water, just hold on when lunker fish blast your bait from below! You can also slow down your retrieve and "slow roll" the bait. Using this technique you slow down and let the bait sink deep, many times bass will attack the bait as it bounces off logs and other submerged structure. Vary your retrieve to see what works best, sometimes while slow rolling I will give the bait a jerk when I feel it hit submerged obstacles. This will often get a reaction strike from bass as they see the bait flash.
Spinnerbaits are a lot of fun and will probably become one of your favorites too.

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  1. Great blog. Fishing is always fun. I wish I could go fishing more often. Keep up the good work!