Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trophy Time!

Now is a great time of year to land some monster bass! Watching my local weather forecast, I saw that starting Monday there is some warmer weather coming in. This may mean that some big bass will be moving into the shallow, warmer water to feed and fatten up before returning to the deeper water.
This is a great time to go fishing and possibly get yourself a trophy bass!
I really like to throw spinnerbaits and shallow diving crankbaits in the shallows right now. The change in water temps can make bass really chase bait and can be a whole lot of fun. Some great baits are Boo Yah spinnerbaits and crankbaits. A lipless crankbait like Rat-L-Traps and Strike King Red Eye Shad are super baits for early winter lunkers! Don't let a little cold weather stop you, get out there and catch one for me!

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  1. Hi Jeff! Saw your comment on our blog, and couldn't help myself... From now on I will spend some time reading about your fishing! Actually, bass fishing has helped us in our walleye fishing here in Sweden. Interesting.