Saturday, March 27, 2010

April Hot Baits!

April is a great time to go bass fishing. This is the time of year when the bass are in the spawn or pre-spawn and are becoming active as the water warms. This can make for some great fishing conditions. A bait such as the Rapala X-Rap is a great bait around points, dropoffs and docks. Vary your retrieve speed to find out which works best. A crank and pause retrieve sometimes works well.
Another great bait for early spring bass is a football jig with a soft plastic trailer. These work great anywhere the is cover, such as around laydown trees in the water or stumps. These are great snag-free baits to use around these submerged obstacles to find big bass that are attracted to the natural cover. Once again you can vary your retrieve to find what will entice the bass to bite. Slowly dragging the jig along the bottom, twitching the jig or hopping it around submerged cover will really drive these spawning bass crazy!

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