Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold Weather Fishing

If you are a hearty soul, now is a great time to catch some really big bass. You will have to have patience and the right equipment to go after bass at this time of year.
I would suggest that you use a depth finder, even a cheap one will do, because most bass will be in the deepest water of your favorite fishing hole. You will need to have an idea where these spots are and a depth finder is a must have. Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas have a large selection and like I said, even a cheapie will let you identify deep water.
Once you have an idea where to fish for those deep water largemouth bass and smallmouth bass you can use a deepdiving crankbait to probe these areas. I also like to fish with a jig and trailer bait in cold water. The jig should be fished slowly since the bass are more lethargic in colder months and the bait they normally feed on is also moving more slowly now. This will provide a more natural bait presentation.

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